Build a Fun Fort in Seconds 
Without the Hassle of Cleanup!  
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Finally a fort that the boys can put together in 1 minute without the hassle of pulling out all the bed sheets they can possibly find plus all the chairs and furniture. The AirFort is seriously a must have for kids it’s so simple to set up and it can be conveniently stores in a small bag when it’s done being used. (Annette B.)

Why didn’t these exist when we were kids?? (Emily S.)

I absolutely love this thing!! Santa brought one to my house for my 6 and 3 yr old and I actually enjoy going in it too! My 6 yr old LOVED building forts but usually wants help and I wasn’t always available every time and she would get so frustrated specially when the 3 yr old would continue knocking it down! The AirFort solved both issues and it’s ridiculously easy to clean up and put away. Thank you AirFort!! (Nina D.)

Greyson is loving his camo air fort! He said he wants to take a nap in there! What a great idea for you parents who need to get your kids to nap. (Haylee B.)

We do flips in our AirFort. It’s an instant fort that the girls play in. We have read books, had tea parties, played with dolls, done puzzles and just about everything else in our AirFort. I love to see them using their imaginations and making it pink castles or fairy hideouts. And another huge bonus is it’s the favorite toy when friends come over. So glad we got ours! (Clair & Ruth)

If you are wondering how to entertain your little ones this winter I have a solution for you. An AirFort! Hours and hours have been spent playing in ours this week and I’m convinced winter will be a lot less boring this year because of it. This amazing fort blows up in seconds, has enough room for our whole family and the best part, my living room doesn’t have to be turned upside down. It’s a win win for everyone involved! (Sarah)

Our daughter loves this so much we have bought it for everyone we know who has a child. (Jason Andree)

We had the best time in our AirFort today playing with Hudson’s cars and trucks. It took bribing him with a donut to get him out! (Hannah T.)

Rainy Saturdays are meant for listening to records in a fort. Especially if that fort blows up with a box fan so my living room isn’t completely covered in rearranged furniture and blankets. (Mindy)

The highlight of my daughters day was coming home to our new AirFort. I was able to cook dinner uninterrupted while my three babes played in it for an entire hour! #momwin (Michelle D.)

Our AirFort has become an instant hit in our house! (Alexis G.)

The AirFort has been a Godsend for us. It’s a fort you can build in seconds with the help pf a box fan. He kdis are obsessed and it takes up virtually no room when deflated. It’s also designed by a father/daughter team our of Cali (so sweet)! (Chanel V.)

On a hot summer Florida day you, you’ll find us in our air conditioned AirFort! This thin is GENIUS! (Kari O.)

The kids LOVE their new fort from AirFort! We have had so much fun playing in this thing. Tooth + I legit get in and play/cuddle up with blankets! It’s so cool. I would have died for this when I was a kid! (Stef)

Literally you unpack this Fort, attach it to a fan, and you have immediate fun for your kiddos with minimal cleanup. (Morgan)

You know that moment when it’s too muggy outside for your little ones to be out for too long? But everyone is losing it inside and you want to scream? That was us today until AirFort came to the rescue! Guys. This thing is awesome, and you better believe I was hanging out in there with the girls. (That is, until it became a “no grown ups club” and I got kick out) (Jenna)

It folds up tiny, and instantly inflates to a giant fort with just a box fan. So. Cool… (Kaycee S.)

Think I may have won aunt-of-the-year for this one. Thank you AirFort for keeping these munchkins occupies literally for hours on this rainy Monday. They love it so much they wont get out and instruct me to go away! (Natalie S.)

It hooks up to a regular box fan for instant fun! The boys pretty much haven’t left this spot since it arrived. (Chelsea D.)

Being a baseball wife is NOT an easy job! Constantly on the road with little ones not sure where you’ll be heading to next. The AIR FORT is the perfect travel toy! It doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase and can make any hotel or new place feel like home. (Alexis E.)

It literally takes less than a minute to inflate with a box fan and provided us with hours of fun. I can tell this will be the perfect addition to our fort building now that is cold here and also when it’s scorching in Tuscon during the summer. (Megan S.)

It’s a cave, a mountain, a jail, a tent, a hideout, a fort, treehouse, most recently the best place to read our favorite books. Louie loves it so much and we can’t wait to have even more adventures in it. Thank you AirFort for creating such a magical little space for our family to enjoy. (Taylor W.)

I would give this more than five stars if I could. This product is amazing. It blows up in seconds, is roomy inside, and seems durable. The kids want forts, but they’re never durable enough. This is the perfect solution. (Stephanie F.)

Best Christmas present eat got for our kids! It is huge so make sure you have the room. Kids spend hours in there and bring all their toys with them. Would recommend to any parent...with the room. (Brian G.)

Very easy to set up. All my nieces and nephews loved it. (J. Hayley)

Everybody has a box fan. Hook it up turn it on and you have hours of fun for the kids. It is a nifty idea. (Mark)

This is amazing! My kids love it and use it everyday, Super easy to put up and take down! (April C.)

So much fun! Easy to set up and take down. This quickly became “jail,” and Grandma (me) had to serve time. Only too happy to cozy up in here, and read my book. (Mary H.)

Super fun tent, and easy to set up/take down vs a blanket fort. (Red)

This thing is awesome. My kids love it. (Doc)

My grandsons went in and stayed in until school started. They watch movies and nap in their tent. (Viki S.)

Great, folds andnpacka well into a tiny bag. Son loves it at 2 and easily fits 2 adults with him. (Christina)

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my 5 year old son and it is a huge hit. We set it up after Christmas breakfast and he played in it all day. He even asked to sleep in it! Needless to say, this was the best investment EVER and I will be purchasing more for other family members. I'm so glad I ran across this! (Brittany)

I am a 30-something year old and my husband bought an AirFort for me as a Christmas gift! He had it ready to go Christmas morning and had blankets and pillows already inside. Very easy to set up. It is my favorite gift and I am currently in the AirFort writing this review! Thank you so much for such an awesome product for adults and kids alike! (Lauren)

Saw this and had to buy it! Quick and easy set up and fun was had by everyone (parents and kids). Its pretty tall so my 6yr old can actually stand dead center. This thing is huge and makes a great place to lay inside and read, play games, or just relax. Love it!! (Gina)

My daughter ordered this for her 3 and 4 year old boys. I figured it would be like everything else, use a short time then get stored in the garage. Boy, was this babysitting Grandma wrong! They LOVE it, it's very roomy - room enough for their 6' 4" Daddy and their Grandpa to fit comfortably and easy enough for this Grandma to set up. Thanks for making my job easier! (Penny V.)
The Airfort is awesome. Both kids and adults enjoyed playing. (Kyle S.)

It keeps my kids busy for hours, they love it and look forward to using it everyday. I use a round fan with this tent and it works perfectly. (Happy Mom)

So as a grandmother, I am always trying to make my house fun for little ones. The arifort is the best toy we have ever bought for all the grandkids. Everyone of them loves it and can't wait to go to Nonni's house. It is easy set-up clean up and is anything the child wants it to be. One toy can become so many things to so many kids! This is a must for all grandparents to have in their home. LOVE IT! Thanks for creating it. (Rose K.)

OMG, so far I have given over a half a dozen airforts to nieces and nephews, each one has loved them beyond belief. The kids(ages 2-14) are using them for so many things, tea parties, movies, friends hang out, homework, art projects, one niece (11 years old) spent 6 hours in it on a raining day, changing activities on the hour and even asked to have dinner inside. All of the gifts given at Christmas were the favorite even over SANTA! It has been used again and again by all. The best part---the parents have all thanked me for the new update of a traditional toy that uses imagination and provides a safe and fun place for hours on end. My 3 year old niece travels with it, calling it her house and won't go anywhere without it! (Kris S.)

In LOVE with the camo AIR FORT! The perfect contraption for playdates and games with kids! (Ariana H.)

This is perfect for toddlers. It doesn’t collapse. (Brown E.)

The kids love it! Very easy to inflate and store away. I thought it would be really windy inside and it’s not at all. (Shannon K.)

It’s really unfair the toys & gear that kids have today, that we didn’t have available when we were younger. I mean, do you know how amazing it would have been to have the AirFort when we were little. To have your own “house” to play in, set up toys in, etc. I’m rather jealous. Haha The AirFort is the coolest thing!! It’s so easy to put up, it has so much room, and the height is great that even parents can get inside to play too. (Tiffany)

One of our favorite things to do is hide out in forts and watch movies together while eating snacks! Seriously, if you need a holiday gift for a little one this season you need to check out the AirFort. They set up in seconds, are very affordable and they ship quite quickly! Winter can be long and cold in Canada, but it’s warm and cozy in here! (Sarah)

AirFort you sure make life a lot more fun! (Megan)

My 8 year old LOVES to build forts but it’s always such a mess. This fort is amazing. Blows up instantly and is huge! Definitely would recommend this product to anyone with children. (Jen O.)

the kids (and I) LOVE IT (Cassidy)

Daughter LOVES it! It was a huge hit at the slumber party! (Kelly H.)

I love this tent and couldn’t be happier with it! Such a fun, new way for family time!! My girls love their “castle”!! (Andy B.)

My son loves this! We got it for him for Christmas. It makes building a fort much easier. (Leticia H.)

My 7 year old daughter loves it! I love not having to pick up the crazy forts that she had built every weekend prior to this purchase! (Bobby D.)

So MUCH fun!!! Easy set up and clean up! Hours of playtime entertainment for my 2 year old nephew! Great product and brilliant concept! (Kristen W.)

My 8 year old absolutely loves it! Super easy set-up and very compact to store! (Sue)

This is so fun. Takes less than 20 seconds to inflate and is huge inside! (Jennifer D.)

great for kids my grand kids just love it fits at least 6 kids comfortably. (Judy A.)

Wonderful product! If your kids love building forts but you hate cleaning them up, you need this! (Scott M.)
Huge success with my grandsons ages 10, 7 and 5. They love it! highly recommend. (Janis W.)

This thing is amazing!!! Kids love it!!! They have a fort and my couch is in one piece!! PRICELESS!!! (Stax)

This is a great toy no more dragging out blankets and chairs. Flip a switch and it goes.
Great way to keep cool. (Crowley)

My girls love to make blanket forts but don't like to clean up the mess. I saw this and thought it would be a great option. They love it, they have slept in it every night this week...... Its about 6 foot wide and 4 foot tall when blown up. (Dlovefaithhope)

My son loves this! Its his lil hiding spot lol. Easy to put it up and take it down. Its large can fit 3 adults in it easy. (Allen T.)

What an amazing product not only do my kids LOVE it it’s great quality and the customer service is beyond outstanding. By far one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. (Josh S.)

I bought one for one niece, and bought another for two of my goddaughters, all three girls loved it! Their moms fit in there too.. Super easy to set up - it comes with Velcro strips that you stick on the fan, the tent has Velcro strips that attach to the Velcro strips on the fan, then turn on the fan and done! (Manny)

I bought this for my friends grandkids...
Their mom sent me a text that they were going nuts having so much fun with it...
I spoke with my friend, their grandmother, and she said they both kids got on the phone just long enough to say, "Hi, Love You, Bye." They wanted to get back to their fort.
One thing that's really cool and made me think about this for them...they live in a hot climate and the fan would also keep them cool... (Tony G.)

I was excited when I saw this item on Facebook and being impulsive and went ahead and got it. I had a little bit of buyer's remorse a day later but I don't anymore. This thing is awesome. It is really easy to set up and put away. I love that it came with a bag to store it in. When we are done I just stuff it into a bag and voila!!! My 5 year old loves it so much I'm going to take it to my classroom for my students on a special day cause they are going to get a kick out of it! (New Mom)

Great product for small kids! Bought this for a 5 year old birthday present. She has had a blast with it. (Marty B.)

This thing is awesome. Easy to set up and operate. Inflates and deflates within seconds. My 4-year-old was DELIGHTED with it, and spent the whole day playing in there.

I discovered that you don't have to have the fan on full-blast to keep it inflated. The low setting on the fan works fine, and it stays nice and cool in the fort without getting too cold. (Daniel R.)